The company Ibeka was established in 1992 and since the beginning of its business activity has been under Polish ownership. The company specializes in the machining of glass and mirrors, full glass frameless structures, glass doors, shower cubicles, glass roofs, glass railings and glass floor elements.

We also offer glazing services and laminated glass. Our products have been recognized in a number of countries around the world. We supply glass and mirrors which are used in the interior design and furniture industry.

We offer a wide variety of products – a wide choice of mirrors for use in living quarters, office and company premises, also in frames – simple and stylish.

We carry out a lot of original projects, where we adjust to the customer’s needs and requirements, taking into account personal tastes. Our experienced employees will be pleased to advise you and help your chose the right product. We spare no effort to make each customer satisfied with the quality and service.

Full-glass doors

We offer single-action doors, doors mounted directly on the wall, and sliding doors. You can choose the type of glass and fittings. We use tempered glass of different thickness, depending on the purpose and the size of the door.

Glass walls

A wide variety of possible applications of glass in the interior design, as partition walls, vestibules, etc. Different types of glass – tempered, laminated, laminated single pane safety glass (ESG), and laminated decorative glass. We also carry out special orders.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is considered to be the safest glass used in the building industry. It can be used e.g. in railings, indoors and outdoors (ESG). Another use of laminated glass are unique, durable decorations in the glass (a motive printed on foil, textiles, metals and other, chosen by the customer), used for example as decorative lining or walls.

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